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If you believe that food plays a role to bring us together, and you want to make memories around it and don’t shy to share on social media, then our Influencer program provides a perfect platform for you to explore Aiva Organic & Natural Products for free. We are looking for people who are passionate, and enjoy sharing pictures, videos and take the energy, pride, and love for grocery products whether for your everyday life. 

Aiva means Nature in Latin, and we believe in selling the products that we can proudly serve our family without guilt – the products which are Natural, Organic, Non-GMO, and which are ethically sourced. For us, quality leads to trust and trust helps to establish a good relationship with customers. Customer’s feedback on our products is one of our key KPI to measure success for Aiva Products.

How to Connect with Aiva

Connect with us by creating and sharing a delicious new recipes using Aiva Products, or simply using our products raw and sharing unfiltered true experience about using Aiva Products – we want to hear from YOU and we want the world and social media to see what you feel about our brand. Come be part of highly engaging community of Aiva Products. To work as Aiva Products Influencer, fill in below form and let us know why you would like to be with Aiva Products and we will connect with you.



Try new Aiva Products shipped free to you


Be one of the first to try our new products


Potential to create blogs, product bundles, recipes and social content


Upto 15% OFF for your viewers

Requirements to connect with us

  • Minimum of 3k followers
  • Must have public Instagram account 
  • Must have public Facebook page

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