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Aiva Products is one of United States fastest growing food & health company. Aiva distributes, private label, and import grocery products including American, Hispanic, and Asian Spices, pulses, sauces, marinades, coffee & Tea, USDA approved Organic food products and gluten-free products. With offices and facilities over 140,000 sq ft combined in Houston, Texas and Morvi, India, Aiva distribute food products across the United States and Canada with high-quality service that creates lasting relationships with their customers. We deal exclusively with high-quality ecological products whose produce are committed to preserve the nature.


As Aiva continue to grow, company embrace the responsibility to drive positive change, solve problems, and make the world a little better every day. The vision is to excel in quality, knowledge, market, and price segment and to earn the trust and confidence of customers and all people associated with Aiva, exceeding their expectations. Aiva tries to offer a good quality product with a good bargain. We’ re in a business of providing healthy food options that people love, creating a community of trust. The whole set of values is built to compel to use innovative ways in our company to make your journey to a healthier life start.

Aiva Values


Aiva support the preservation of human rights and company is guided by fundamental human rights principles including the principles of United Nation Global Compact. We are committed to ensure that our business and the companies we do business with support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and ensure no human right abuse by prohibiting child and forced labor, and any sort of discrimination recognized lawfully. We at Aiva are committed to maintain and supervise the processes and systems to avoid any complicity in human rights violations related in our company, supply chain, and distribution. We conduct due diligence and strictly follow policies to address the human rights risk and provide awareness, and guidance to prevent human rights violation.


Aiva support the precautionary approach to environmental challenges, undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. At Aiva Products, we use energy efficient lighting solution to save electricity, have water conservation plan for our workplace, identify opportunities to implement sustainable practices, and provide regular training to our employees on sustainable best practices. Apart we have also participated in numerous tree planation programs, come clean programs organized by school and city departments. Apart we also encourage in all our packing to recycle, and each quarter we have a different topic featured to our suppliers and end users to provide information so they can recycle smart.



We believe that you should know where your food is coming from, and with Aiva Products we track it by batch numbers to trace the origin and farms from where the products came so that we are confident that when you buy from Aiva – you are getting the highest quality


When you purchase any Aiva Products, you’ll soon discover that our name transcends to quality. We are a team whose family & owners consist of famers,  nutritionists, doctors, and passionate cook who are excited to share their knowledge and wisdom on leading a more nutritious life


Aiva whole food products are sourced from ethically to safeguard farmers and has a zero-tolerance policy against any form of corruption, extortion or embezzlement. We emphasize that our supply chain processes are being responsible and are environmentally friendly

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Packed in Houston, Texas in a fully weather-controlled facility meeting food quality regulatory requirements

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