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How to Use and Store Pistachio Flour?

Posted by : Jessica Brown / On : Sep 17, 2021

How to Use and Store Pistachio Flour?

How to Use and Store Pistachio Flour

Aiva pistachio flour is made by griding 100% whole pistachios only. No colors, No preservatives and No fillers are added on Aiva Pistachio flour thus it has a short shelf life and recommended to store in refrigerator.

 Pistachios are rich with, earthy taste, and while they are not quite as gifted as other nuts, they can be eaten in several ways:

  • As a snack. Eating pistachios plain is conceivably the most Frequent way they are enjoyed, either raw or roasted. Both in-shell and shelled pistachios are present in grocery stores all across.
  • Flour into sauces. Pistachio Flour is popular as a base for sauces and dips, like pistachio-yogurt sauce.
  • Added to bread dough. Pistachio Flour can be added to dough For Bread to give it a thicker texture with extra protein.
  • In desserts. Chopped pistachios and Pistachio Flour are commonly mixed into or sprinkled on top of desserts like ice cream, cake, truffles, and pastries. Flavoring of pistachio is also an everyday dessert ingredient—it is most well-known for the flavoring for pistachio ice cream and gelato, but it is very accomplished and can be mixed into almost any dessert.
  • Use the flour instantly or store it for three to four months in an airtight bag or container. It has to last about one month in the refrigerator or a few months in the freezer. Just avoid storing the pistachio flour at room temperature since the oils in the nuts may become contaminated.

If you would like to buy fresh pistachio flour, buy at Aiva Products, we offer retail sizes of 1 LB. We only sell the products that we can serve our family guilt-free!

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