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Top Benefits of Baking with Aiva Sorghum Flour

Posted by : Jessica Brown / On : Sep 20, 2021

Top Benefits of Baking with Aiva Sorghum Flour

Top Benefits of Baking with Aiva Sorghum Flour


Sorghum is a gluten-free fossil cereal grain originating from Africa and Australia. Sorghum was first found growing homegrown in these regions before 5000 years and has seen a recent growth in acceptance as the number of people analysed with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance extend to increase.

The list of health benefits are identified with consuming sorghum is pretty impressive. For reference, studies have indicated the tannins contained in certain sorghums reduce caloric availability and through weight gain in animals. This factor is being praised for having great potential towards contracting fatness in humans.

Other health profits include enhanced digestive health due to the rich amounts of fiber found in sorghum per serving.  The bran layer in sorghum has potent antioxidants known to avoid convicted(Certain) types of cancers and heart disease.

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