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Where to buy fresh California Almonds at affordable cost in Texas

Posted by : Jessica Brown / On : Sep 17, 2021

Where to buy fresh California Almonds at affordable cost in Texas

Where to buy fresh California Almonds at affordable cost in Texas


Almonds are small-scale nuts that pack a big crunch full of health assets. Learn about California almonds and why they are one of the state’s best crops.

Almond Butter – Smooth and creamy (and brings in crunchy varieties too!) almond butter is a healthier substitute to peanut butter, especially when you have peanut allergies.

Curb Cravings – Almonds can stave (anticipate) off hunger and delight cravings because they bring 4 grams of filling fiber, “good” monounsaturated fats, and 6 grams of protein to keep you feel active and satisfied.

Energy – California almonds can help you stay active through the day and keep you feeling satisfied because they are full of protein, approximately 6 grams of protein in every handful of almonds.

Where To BuyAiva products have one of the vast categories of Almonds. We have almonds that are full of protein and provides energy to help your body work throughout the day, We at Aiva sell US Fancy, Supreme, and US Extra No. 1 grade almonds which are clean, and fairly bright almonds. Whether to decide on raw or not raw is simplify a matter of your personal choice. Almond Board of California believes that these treatments are merely surface treatments which they are doing to protect the nutritional properties of the nut.

If you would like to buy fresh this year cultivated Almonds, buy at Aiva Products, we offer retail sizes from 1 LB to bulk sizes up to 55 LB packs of Raw Almonds, Roasted Almonds, Flavored Almonds. We only sell the products that we can serve our family guilt-free!

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